Sunday, January 5, 2020

Spark Hire and TalentEd Launch Video Interviewing Integration For K-12 Hiring

Spark Hire and TalentEd Launch Video Interviewing Integration For K-12 HiringIn case you missed the press release, Spark Hire is proud to announceits partnership andintegration with TalentEdTalentEd Recruit and Hire is a talent management solution built for primary and secondary education. Their all-in-one platform supports the entire employee lifecycle. TalentEd supports data-based HR decisions from job advertisement, to assessments, onboarding, and evaluation.TalentEd Recruit and Hire K-12 customers can now take their decisions to the next level with Spark Hire video interviews.Traditionally, the K-12 hiring process is resource-intensive and involves a large group of people, said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. Working with hundreds of school districts, weve seen the ROI of video interviewing first hand.Hundreds of school districts currently benefit from Spark Hire making it the 1 video interviewing platform for K-12 hiring.Customers such as Amarillo ISD are saving thousands of doll ars and hundreds of hours in their hiring process.As a technology partner to thousands of schools and districts, we get excited about every new opportunity to deliver the solutions and services education leaders need to hire, develop and manage top talent, said Jack Blaha, CEO of PeopleAdmin, TalentEds parent company. This strategic partnership delivers key functionality our customers need to quickly and affordably screen and hire top candidates, so they can maximize time and resources spent empowering student achievement.Mutual Spark Hire and TalentEd customers will reap the benefits of both platforms after activating the integration. The integration enables the sending unique interview question sets to qualified candidates, reviewing candidate responses and seamless collaboration between all key decision-makers.If youd like to learn more about Spark Hire and the integration with TalentEd, request a demo todayIf youre an existing Spark Hire customer and want to use the integration, follow these steps to turn it on.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Why you should walk away from your problems

Why you should walk away from your problemsWhy you should walk away from your problemsLast week, we stayed in Eze, a small medieval village in the French Riviera. Eze is perched on a hillside, roughly 420 meters (1,400 feet) above sea level. Near the entrance to our hotel, I noticed a sign labeled theFriedrich Nietzsche Path.The German philosopher apparently stayed in the area in the 1880s and would frequently hike up the steep path from the seaside to the village. His inspirations for the third part of his masterpiece,Thus Spoke Zarathustra, supposedly came during these daily hikes.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moraI decided to follow in Nietzsches footsteps and took the walk myself. My first thought? Nietzsche must have been one fit dude. Even though Im more physically fit now than Ive ever been, I welches drenched in sweat by the time I climbed up the spectacularly steep path b ack to the village.Why did Nietzsche put himself through this intense climb every day? Setting aside the view (which isspectacular), Nietzsche knew a key to solving problems that most of us neglect.When were trying to tackle a thorny problem, we have a tendency to stare at it- literally. I find myself doing this often. As I try to come up with a title for a blog post or struggle with the right structure for a chapter in my book, Ill keep staring at my computer, and moving commas and sentences around asSisyphusrolls his eyes at me.But as Nietzsche writes, In order to see much, one must learn to look away from oneself. Put differently, a watched pot never boils. You often have to walk away from the problem- literally and metaphorically- for the answer to arrive.Consider, for example, the mathematician Andrew Wiles. In 1995, Wiles becamea celebrityafter proving Fermats Last Theorem- which had remained unsolvable for more than three centuries. When he got stuck working on the proof- whi ch was often- Wiles would stop, let his mind relax, and go for a walk by the lake. Walking, heexplains, has a very good effect in that youre in this state of relaxation, but at the same time youre allowing the sub-conscious to work on you.Research supports Wiless intuition. Incubation periods- spending time away from a problem after you get stuck- boostsyour ability to solve the problem. When you walk away, your subconscious remainshard at work, consolidating memories and making associations.This is why a good footslog is part of many renowned scientists toolkit. Nikola Tesladreamed upthe alternating-current motor during a stroll through the Varosliget park in Budapest. To ponder difficult problems, Charles Darwinwalked downa gravel path called the Sandwalk near his home in Kent, kicking up stones along the way.The physicist Werner Heisenbergdevisedthe uncertainty principle during a late-night walk through his neighborhood park in Copenhagen. For two years, he had been frustrated th at his equations could predict the momentum of a quantum particle, but not its position. One night, he had an epiphanyWhat if there was no problem with the equations? What if the uncertainty was actually inherent in the nature of quantum particles?In an age of high-tech instant gratification, walking can sound a bit underwhelming. But solutions to complex problems often come as a subtle whisper- not a big bang. To perceive the whisper, you must walk away from the problem and create space for interior silence to oppose contemporary chaos.The next time you feel stuck, just walk away (and leave your phone behind).If you keep walking with the question long enough, you will gradually walk into the answer.This article first appeared on Varol is a rocket scientist turned law professor and bestselling author.Click hereto download a free copy of his e-book, The Contrarian Handbook 8 Principles for Innovating Your Thinking. Along with your free e-book, youll get the Weekly Contrarian - a newsletter that challenges conventional wisdom and changes the way we look at the world (plus access to exclusive content for subscribers only).

Friday, December 27, 2019

All those supplements and vitamins you take arent really doing anything

All those supplements and vitamins you take arent really doing anythingAll those supplements and vitamins you take arent really doing anythingMore than half of American adults take dietary supplements, but most dont really do much for your heart or fight against death. In fact, some might even harm you, according to new research.Dietary changes and even supplement intake like multivitamins and antioxidants dont do much for you, as a study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, took a larger look at vitamins and supplements, along with diets as well. In total, information gathered from nearly a million participants worldwide as researchers compared these dietary phenomenons to medical conditions like coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart attack, as well as death.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreParticipants were put through more than 270 trials which had participants t ake different supplements or try a different diet. Their data were compared to control groups.Supplements like omega-3 fatty acid supplements, which are often found in fish supplements, and a low-salt diet did show possible health benefits, according to analysis. But supplements containing both calcium and vitamin D increased the risk of stroke.But the most stunning revelation welches how supplements like multivitamins, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamins D, calcium and iron showed no increased or decreased risk of cardiovascular disease or early death.The panacea or magic bullet that people keep searching for in dietary supplements isnt there, said senior author of the study Erin D. Michos, M.D., M.H.S. People should focus on getting their nutrients from a heart-healthy diet, because the data increasingly show that the majority of healthy adults dont need to take supplements.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

10 part-time, remote jobs for moms for the holidays

10 part-time, remote jobs for moms for the holidays10 part-time, remote jobs for moms for the holidaysSometimes it might feel impossible to fit another thing into your already busy schedule, much less any sort of professional job. Thats whereremote jobs for momscome into the picture.Remote jobs, paired with a part-time schedule, can provide moms with a flexible way to work and earn extra money - particularly when the holiday season means an increase in good cheerandcredit card bills. If youre looking to stash away some money for the holidays, whether its for gifts or travel or anything else,weve got a list of jobs that may fit the bill.The 2018 seasonal hiring outlook has been fantastic, which makes sense considering theoverall strength of the job market. With a historically low unemployment rate (3.7%) and many more open jobs (7 million) than there are job seekers (6 million), now is a good time to be searching for both temporary and ongoing employment.Employers like Duluth Trading Company, KPMG, Major League Baseball, UncommonGoods,, Williams-Sonoma,, and many others have beenheavily hiring for holiday and ongoing seasonal help.Over700,000 holiday and seasonal jobs are expected, up from 696,000 four years ago.Amazon alone already hired 1,750 part-time, seasonal customer service associatesthis year- and theyre all working remotely.About these part-time, remote jobsBelow are10 part-time jobs that can be done from your home schreibstube - no commute needed They were all actively hiring as of November 14, 2018, and arenotseasonal jobs so theyll continue to provide you with a paycheck after the holidays when all those bills come due. They also feature a variety of schedules and hours to fit into your life, whatever that may look likeCheck out the list, and be sure to check out the FlexJobs database foreven morepart-time, remote jobsin over 55 career categories.Home Care SchedulerDuties for the home care schedule will involve answering after-hour calls, handling new resident inquiries, overseeing all after-hour resident schedules, and more. Evening hours and every other weekend are required for this part-time, remote job.Law Enforcement TranscriberThe transcriber will transcribe material related to law enforcement and investigations. This is a freelance, remote position that requires a personal computer with a reliable Internet connection.Market Research InterviewerA market research interviewer will conduct telephonic surveys and input responses using numeric keys or the mouse. A reliable Internet connection, a PC computer, and telephone access are required.Mobile Search ReviewerEvaluating new products, product quality, and zugnglich search results are the duties of the part-time, remote mobile search reviewer. Candidate must have an Android smartphone.Online Community AmbassadorThis position is looking for candidates to connect online with users of the companys website and app to help them get the most out of the company platform. 15-20 hours per week are required.Team Building ManagerA part-time, remote team building manager will organize team trips and events, facilitate weekly meetings, and help with onboarding new hires.Technical Support SpecialistWorking overnight, the technical support specialist will support a positive user experience by taking incoming calls from faculty and students in need of technical assistance.Virtual Executive AssistantA virtual executive assistant is needed to manage scheduling, travel, and communications. College graduates with at least five years of related experience are preferred.Virtual Health CoachThe virtual health coach will work on the weekends to provide one-on-one coaching to clients trying to develop healthy habits, pilot experimental coaching protocols, and help users navigate their programs.WriterUsing three to five years experience in writing digital content and using SEO tools, the writer will create content forwebsites, blogs, case studies, a nd ebooks.This article first appeared on FlexJobs.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Shifts in Desired Sales Skills and Specialties

Shifts in Desired Sales Skills and SpecialtiesShifts in Desired Sales Skills and SpecialtiesAn inside look into what recruiters are looking for in sales executives.Ladders intelligence team dug into the database of sales job descriptions to see what skills recruiters are asking for as the economy turns.As some skills and specialties become less needed, others are in demand.Spot growth skills in the charts belowFurther, were seeing a shift in industries hiring sales leads as outlined in the charts below

Thursday, December 12, 2019

5 Ways to Develop Your Workplace Collaboration Skills

5 Ways to Develop Your Workplace Collaboration Skills5 Ways to Develop Your Workplace Collaboration SkillsBack in high school or college, were you the one who always did the bulk of work on a group project, then wondered why the teacher wouldnt just let you do it by yourself in the first place? Your teachers didnt make you participate in groups to frustrate you. They aimed to teach you a critical skill the ability to collaborate.Those people skills can be invaluable at the office where workplace collaboration is an increasingly pivotal part of the job for many creative professionals. Workplace collaboration is multifaceted and includes a range of abilities, such as clear communication, problem solving, empathy and accountability. Collaboration is an important soft skill for any creative professional. Projects involving design, marketing and anwender experience, for example, often require working together in teams and across departments. Interdepartmental initiatives can have their ow n challenges because teams may have different priorities, skill sets and personalities.In a survey by The Creative Group of more than 400 advertising and marketing executives, 37 percent of respondents said conflicting goals and priorities were the biggest barriers to cross-departmental collaboration.The following five tips can help you develop your workplace collaboration skills1. Work on projects outside your comfort zoneTaking on projects that fall outside your area of specialization forces you to rely on the expertise of others. For example, if you mainly focus on web design and have an opportunity to help implement a new project management system, use the opportunity to offer your creative expertise while also learning from colleagues in other departments, such as media services, IT and training.2. Communicate clearlyIts important to be clear and timely in your responses when youre working with anyone, but especially when youre collaborating with other departments. They may not know the buzzwords or acronyms you and your teammates use. When we asked creative professionals what online business communication behavior annoys them most, the top response was failure or slowness to respond, followed by poor grammar and spelling and use of acronyms and buzzwords. (Check out the infographic below for the full survey results.)We can help you get your next creative jobSUBMIT RESUME3. Find a beraterSome organizations offer formal mentorship programs. Even if yours doesnt, you can ask a colleague with strong collaboration skills to mentor you. A mentorship relationship doesnt have to require a big time commitment. It could be as simple as eating lunch together once or twice a month.Another option is to enroll in a class at a local college or attend seminars that focus on boosting collaboration and teamwork skills. Many courses and webinars are available online as well.4. Join industry groupsIndustry associations are excellent resources for the professional developmen t of both hard and soft skills. For instance, volunteering on a committee can be a good way to expand your network while honing your collaboration skills outside of the office.5. Participate in team-building activitiesSure, spending 15 minutes trying to untangle a human knot might seem silly, but time spent working with a group toward the same goal helps strengthen collaboration abilities. If your organization doesnt offer team-building activities during retreats or meetings, you might suggest the idea to your supervisor. These activities can improve office communication by boosting morale and connection between colleagues.Wait, theres moreThere are some other things that will help you boost your workplace collaboration skills. For example, recognize when coworkers have expertise in certain areas and ask for their eingabe. Likewise, use your know-how to help others, even when there doesnt seem to be a direct benefit to you.In addition, when you work with a team, put the needs of the group ahead of your own. When you collaborate on interdepartmental projects, be especially attuned to differing perspectives and knowledge bases. For example, if you sit in the marketing department of a nonprofit, youll likely need to coordinate with the development department regarding grants and fundraising campaigns.Finally, share your ideas, but also listen to the input of others. Recognize when someone else has a stronger idea than your own and support it, being sure to give credit where credit is due. Your efforts will go a long way toward building strong workplace collaboration.Download The Creative Group Salary Guide for all the in-depth salary data you need to help you make the best hiring and career decisions.

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The Birth of Server Job Description Resume

The Birth of Server Job Description Resume Then you may be all set for a server job. Make certain that the server is aware theyve been sat. In the majority of situations, servers are anticipated to answer questions concerning the menu. An inferior server asks the table should they want fantastic support. Provide as many additional information about the duties and duties of a server at your restaurant as youd love to create a server position description that is appropriate for your enterprise. If you want to develop into a restaurant server, its vital you understand that youre part of a far larger team and you have to work nicely with your coworkers if you hope to be successful. Even though a basic serving job is fairly simple to find, servers who wish to work in nicer restaurants want in order to demonstrate their abilities and experience. If you adore connecting with people and are interested in finding a job with flexible scheduling, a career as an IHOP server could possib ly be a superb option for you. While the duty of assuring great tafelgeschirr to the whole restaurant is big, with teamwork it will become easy and flowing. Although professional experience is often preferred, there are different varieties of experience that managers may think about when looking for servers. The perfect food server ought to have a friendly mindset, great memorization, and communication abilities. If you wish to develop into a superior Server Bartender, you should have the capability to cope with pressure and manage stress. The Basics of Server Job Description Resume Our resume builder provides you with tips and examples about how to compose your resume summary. Make sure that all decorations are set in view of the instructions. The uniform code also forms an important portion of the template. Its possible for you to browse through the web site for unique formats of templates. Server Job Description Resume Ideas When serving breakfast you have to make sur e you take care of all of the people sitting at the table. If there are lots of guests for breakfast you might want to make up to three pots of coffee in the very first hour of your shift to get ready for a busy breakfast with a lot of coffee drinkers. Some banquets servers will need to take orders for each table, in case there are several meal choices. You are going to be working with different servers, busboys, bartenders and cooks to earn a good dining experience. Overview PizzaExpress provides takeaway services for customers to relish pizza away from the restaurant atmosphere. Aside from customer assistance, Servers must likewise be able to relay all food orders to the kitchen in an extremely efficient manner to ensure that each food order is processed accordingly. Many servers begin by working as assistants, and to succeed on the job they ought to be acquainted with general restaurant info in case the guests ask for anything which isnt linked to the food or menu, such as, for instance, a guest asking for a new knife. A restaurant server ought to know the menu prior to taking any tables on the dining room floor. The Little-Known Secrets to Server Job Description Resume You wish to stress the positive qualities of your business and why a work seeker would want to work for you. A server may also acquire a related course or degree to be in a position to land a greater status in the firm. You complete an interview. Resumes may set the tone for your upcoming career. Dont forget to customize to the position youre applying for. When its part-time or a whole career, we would like to make sure that you get whatever you want out of your Ruby Tuesday experience. For someone without experience, youve got to concentrate on your abilities and qualifications. You might want to lead with a concise summary of the job. Simply Google Search your State and Food Service Certification and youll have the ability to get what you require. Servers also finish a ran ge of other job duties too. Server training happens during employee orientation. Job listing websites would require you to make an on-line profile before applying. In spite of the salary being well under the minimum wage, the majority of the income for someone with the waitress job is composed of tips, bonuses, and overtime. There is a different section for extra bonus. A nanny job may consist of housework duties. She undertakes all of the tasks related to providing care for the children. The Advantages of Server Job Description Resume The very first step should always be receiving your resume in order. Your very first duty when getting to work is making sure its organized and prepared for operation. Another reason process servers are a critical portion of civil society is to be certain that legal papers are served in an extremely powerful and proper fashion. Use the search box to find just what you want to get. One of the principal reasons you have to know the server j ob description whilst in the hotel and catering industry is that you might have to watch performance evaluated business. Everyone knows the food service business is just one of the more tightly regulated industries on earth. The organization also maintains over 50 locations across 12 other nations. Also, do make sure to mention specific benefits that your organization provides that others might not.